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Discussion in 'Ranger Forum Classifieds' started by gcextreme, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I am going to be making myself a set of them, maybe out of aluminum diamond plate. That would stand out, but would it luck ugly? And yes that aluminum can be black andodized, i will try to get a pic up of some black ando stuff, and other materials, this week.

    This is a summer project, once i get mine done and made, i could easily have more made, assuming they will work for other year rangers, mine is a 99.
    As for price, wont know until i finish, lol.

    Would you have them bolt on?? How do the other gap guards stay on?? I was thinking about drilling and tapping holes in the frame, and clearance holes in the alm diamond plate.
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  3. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I dont know, i would need to see a picture or diagram of one, to see what they even look like.
    Also to do this, would need like exact measurements.
  4. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I am trying to save up for a tube/pipe bender, to be able to bend up to 3" would be great, but at least 2" would be nice. Can make alot of stuff with that.
    Once i get my nerf/tube bars on, and my grille/brush guard, i want to do a 1.5 or 2" tube going from the nerf bar, up around the fender wheel well, and connect to the brush guard. And from the back of the nerf bar, up around the rear wheel well, and back down to the rear bumper/hitch receiver side.
    Have you seen anything like that?

    Attached are some pics of the Ranger WildTrak they use over in Afghanistan for police vehicles.
    See the bars going from the nerf/side step to the front gille guard, pretty slick i think.
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  5. Freemans 00

    Freemans 00 Active Member

    Make me a roll bar
  6. The other ones come with those plastic ribbed push pin ones I believe... And they bolt to the bed, not the frame. And take your time with em man, I ain't in a rush for em.
  7. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I hope your kidding??
    That would be spent to ship lol.
    You would be better off getting one used off Craigslist. I found mine for $60. And I have seen others from around $50 to $150 (chrome).

    But yeah if I got a bender I could make a roll bar, out of 3" if I get the more expensive bender that does up to 3". But the bender that goes up to 2 1/4 I think, is like $200 cheaper.
    That one is more practical. I would likely only ever use the 3" for roll bars, lol and how often would that be?
    I'm up getting ready for work, on a Saturday. Extra overtime.
    When I get off work in going to the junkyard, found a place with like 4 ranger and many explorers. Anybody need anything, let me know asap.
  8. I would not attach aluminum to the steel frame as Galvanic corrosion will take place

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