Wife Freezing in Truck

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by snowball'09, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. snowball'09

    snowball'09 New Member

    Hi Ya'll,

    I joined your forum back in 2009 when I bought my new Ranger.Never said much or asked for nothing, because the truck has been flawless ever since. Not so much any more................
    I own a plain jane 2009, 4x2, reg. cab, 2.3L, manual tranny, with factory AC. Since I live in central Florida, I've never used anything but the AC on the truck (and it works great!!!). Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we had some frigid weather here,and the last time my wife rode with me, she asked me to turn on the heater. That's when I discovered my first problem..................I have no heated air coming out of the unit; just AC-cold air coming out of the vents no matter where I set the temp. control, or the function control on the unit.
    I thought I had a stuck flow valve (mono valve) and it wasn't letting hot coolant get to the heater core.When I got home, I checked it out, and the vaccum servo is working good opening and closing the valve everytime I turn the unit on and off.
    So..............before I make my friendly local Blue Oval dealer several hundred dollars richer, I thought I would give you guys a holler for help..............
    Any personal experiences or any ideas on what could be wrong with my heater???
    Thank you guys in advance for your ideas and your free help!!!!
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  3. frank-id

    frank-id New Member

    When a auto heater has not been used for a long while, the temp control will get stuck in the closed position. Start your truck and drive till the temp gage indicates the engine is warm. Get out of the truck and open the hood. Find the 2 hoses that connect to the heater. One hose maybe hot and the other is cold. The heater water control needs to be replaced. The control can be bipassed with a 1/2 in plastic coupling from an auto store. Remember.... the coolant system is under 16 pounds of pressure. The coolant is hot, so allow the engine to cool before and work is attempted. Frank in Idaho

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