What Does Everyone Call Their Truck!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ham-Bone, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    hey what does everyone call there truck mine is tinkerbell lol :jester:
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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Exactly what color is tinkerbell?
  4. OP

    Ham-Bone New Member

    white lol
  5. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    I was thinking purple at first.
  6. CrazyCooter


    I call mine dixie,i was goin to give it a mexican name because its a manual transmision steering brakes windows...no power anything
  7. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    I call mine "Mr. Pettinius Flavious Minimus". It's Roman and he loves it.

    You can just shorten it to "Mr. Mayonnaise" if you want.
  8. Rangerak

    Rangerak New Member

  9. Jon

    Jon Administrator


    so original :thumbsup:
  10. brazospete7

    brazospete7 New Member

    MY truck

    That's what I call it.:yes: I called my buick Buck because the i fell off but I had to shorten it to buc because the k fell off.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  11. EnjoiRy99

    EnjoiRy99 New Member

    lol My friends and I call mine the White Power Ranger
  12. Jon

    Jon Administrator


    that's pretty funny.


    That is racist
  14. supergrader

    supergrader New Member

    i call mine the lone ranger
  15. ranger rebel

    ranger rebel New Member

    i call mine the gas guzzler, because thats what it is.. a full size gets better gas milage.. ;)
  16. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    really??!?!? :eek:

    what kind of mileage you getting?
  17. GregoryGagnon

    GregoryGagnon New Member

    I call mine Miss May, because I just bought her in May (and she's the color gray).
  18. DakotaRanger

    DakotaRanger New Member

    Mine is known as the Blue Power Ranger
  19. smtoyrex

    smtoyrex New Member

    MY 2004 is called polar dragon as she is white with a black tribal dragons head on the hood
  20. xXTheShizXx

    xXTheShizXx New Member

    i call mine Grace, ;)
  21. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Dang! We need to see some pics of that.

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