Weird problem 95 ranger 2wd 4 cyl electrical issue???

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by bdd1987, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. bdd1987

    bdd1987 New Member

    Ok, so the last couple weeks has been kind of a pain. I already posted this once but things have changed a little since then. From the start, i replaced the ignition lock cylinder. About a week later the truck wouldn't start. No clicking, no sounds, just a no start. So I give it a jump and it starts find but the battery voltage gauge is flickering and a bit on the high side. Then i go to autozone and replace the ignition lock cylinder again, and it starts without a jump! Which to me seems unusual because if the problem is in the ignition assembly why would a jump make it start? Anyway, the problem persisted again and in about a week it was the same thing. So then I replace the ignition starter switch. Doesn't make a bit of difference. Then I take it to a mechanic. The mechanic tells me I have a bad battery and thats the problem. So I replace the battery and it starts just fine. Later that day same problem. So I take it to ANOTHER mechanic the next day. This mechanic tells me after I drop it off that it's starting just fine and he tested the alternator, the battery, and the starter and all of them are testing ok. Also tells me the ignition is in good shape. This was a couple days ago and now it will start weak sometimes, not start sometimes, and start just fine sometimes. But a jump will always get it started. So it's an intermittent issue and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong. And now 2 mechanics have told me neither can they. I have gotten to the point where i bought a battery booster and just carry it around with me for when it needs to be jumped. Odviously I don't want to do that forever though. Ideas? Anyone?? ​
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  3. I am not familliar enough with that , but it sounds like a voltage regulator type of a problem, sometimes they undercharge and zi have even seen them over charge.
    not sure if yours is built into the alternator or mounted on the fender well.
    If you do not see a voltage regulator on the fenderwell I would replace the alternator, that is what keepsthe power up in the NEW battery you have.
  4. OP

    bdd1987 New Member

    If I had the alternator checked would that still fail? I also forgot to mention the clip that goes inside the hole that holds the ignition lock cylinder/tumbler is kind of coming off but still clips on. Not sure what this wire does but the problem started when i replaced the ignition lock cylinder/tumbler. Is it at all possible that this wire is what is causing the problem?

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