Thinking about an axle swap

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by DeanMk, May 10, 2012.

  1. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    My truck has the standard 7.5" rear axle, filled with 3.45 gears.
    It feels a bit "high geared" for my tastes, and this is equipped with tires that are actually a bit small for what the vehicle is supposed to wear (195/70's vs. 205/75's).
    I did some math and noticed that if I moved to the 3.73 gears, I could go back to the proper sized tires and still realize a little bit more dig, which should solve the "too high geared feeling"...I also noticed that the 3.73 geared 7.5" axle can be had with an LSD. ( :thumbup: )
    Is this Ford's infamous "Trak-Lok"?
    What are your experiences with this setup?
    Effective or not so much?
    Are there any special fluids involved that I should be aware of?

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  3. Fx4wannabe01

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    Are you sure you have 3.45 gears???? Reason why I say this is because you've got a 98+ 2.5L 4cyl and 5spd manual. I've never seen one that didn't have either a 3.73 or 4.10.

    The factory limited slip in these trucks is the Ford TracLoc(however you want to spell it. lol). It's a good limited slip and pretty cheap to buy them new too. Usually is wore out by 75k, but is rebuildable and upgradable. Alot of the Mustang folks upgrade to carbon clutches and tighter clutch packs.

    Normal friction modifier is required for all clutch driven limited slips. TracLoc is one of them.
  4. OP

    DeanMk Member

    Thanks. I was thinking it may need the "special fluid". My knowledge is a bit antiquated for today's vehicles, so I was kind of wondering if that still held true.
    I didn't know about the 75k TBO on that LSD, though (or its been so long, I've forgotten). Either way, thanks for the heads up.
    Btw, how do I know its got 3.45 gears? Axle code is 84. That = open 7.5" 3.45 gears.
    My truck is as basic as it gets and I understand 345's were standard, if no gear was specified upon ordering.
    The too small tires coupled with the too high geared feel, combined with the axle code, has me beliveing very much that it is indeed equipped with 3.45 gears.

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