Temp guage inop fan on all the time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brazospete7, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. brazospete7

    brazospete7 New Member

    Acceleration is pitiful in odrive doesnt seem to be missing but accelerator stays on the floor at highway speeds often have to shift to 4th on small hills. temp remains at cold peg never wiggles before or after start. fan clutch is engaged even when key is off??????????? help
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  3. OP

    brazospete7 New Member


    I love my ranger momma does too, took it to town ,filled it with 2.55$ gas $34.69 (highway robbery) 13.567 gal showed 322 miles on trip meter, guessed it at 24.??. I left it idling at the store cause it was HOT day,was in store <5 min. came back temp had climbed to the c, first time it ever moved drove off cold peg:D went back to the cold peg immediately fan turns all the time. been looking for fan clutches online $150 sound rite to you? I got a v6 buick in my junkline that has an electric fan what do you think about a conversion ??????? huh huh????:yes:;) Think about it and gimme your best guess at problems and how to dos.
  4. OP

    brazospete7 New Member

    P 1537

    # 3 son came over just then with his obd II code reader and no booklet for same and it had only 1 code p1537 is that the fan clutch or something else??? Please help I am efficiency disabled.:blink: Any body know what P1537Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open
    means? Thanks Rangerak http://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/ford/ We are alivin in a Brave New World. I lived at mile 89 on the richardson hwy for 12 years. No lectricity,no runnin water,wood heat,6 kids, 3/4 mile unimproved driveway can you FEEL it?
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  5. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    that's roughin it man!
  6. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    What's the problem if the fan is running all the time? I can understand it being an annoyance, but I wouldn't think it would cause any problems on performance.
  7. OP

    brazospete7 New Member

    I am trying to achieve mpg improvement. I got the fan clutch and took the fan shroud and fan off then ran right into the GOTCHA FORD LOVER engineering of the "Let's make it impossible" Ford engineers. I can't tell you how many times I've removed and replaced fans on american cars in the last 40 years and this is the first one I ever came acrosss one that was not connected to the water pump with 4 small bolts.This one wasn"t even connected to the water pump! Well to make a short story out of this I will say I was still trying to figure out how to hold a backup on a round smooth shiv without doing said shiv terminal damage while reefing on it with a 1 1/2" wrench when darkness and mosquitos over took me. :furious:Well yesterday I had Massey Ferguson trouble,Horse troubles and Freightliner troubles and left MY TRUCK setting with the hood open and tools and parts scattered around. Well this morning while I slumbered late due to late night struggles with # 3 son's truck and a belly ache, #3 son returned from his delivery and decided to help fix MY TRUCK (shudder) to repay me for working on his truck. :eek: I asked him how he got the filter wrench over the fan clutch He said "I took the clutch part off " when asked "how" He replied "Hammer" . Then he said " It's all fixed and ready to go!" So I said "well thanks a lot for helping!" I am sure everything will be OK (BLIND FAITH IN GOD not being mad at me):rolleyes:. Now I only have to change the oil and figure out the 1537 code violation and the THERMOSTAT problem and My Truck will be tying every bundle!
  8. OP

    brazospete7 New Member

    I know not many of you guys remember when TVs first came out. But they hadn't started using transistors at that time and the vacuum tubes were highly unreliable and when your tv started rolling all the time (Horizontal) or went all crookedy(vertical) or a miriad of other problems happened you had to get a shoebox and dismantle your tv and remove all the tubes and take them to the drugstore where they had a tube tester and plug each one of them into the machine to find out which tube was bad and then you could buy a replacement tube. You kind of had to hope it was a $1.19 tube and not a $3.49 tube cause $4.00 was half a days wages in texas at that time. I said all that just to ask if there is a way to test Im. Control sensors for the highly unreliable systems on todays cars or is that still GM GOTTCHA?
  9. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger

    today's cares use the heat to help with gas mileage a hotter piston and cylinder means more burnt gas and less vapors out the tail pipe

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