sold the F150, got a Ranger

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by WesternPaRanger, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    Came over from the f-150 forum, now all we need is Ranger Forum stickers to promote. This is what Ranger owners needed, a nicely formatted forum.
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  3. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like we had perfect timing then! Welcome to the site.
  4. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome to the site!
  5. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    hey welcome
  6. balage

    balage the Hungarian

  7. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Heeeyyyy, Welcome to this site.

    You were "Westernpaf150" over there, right?
  8. OP

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    I'm WesternPaStepside over yonder and if I didn't drive 60 miles round trip a day to work I would buy my dad's flareside but alas, the Ranger is getting me to and from work on $25 a week!! I really like this forum, already instant hello's and one from another country!! My latest Ranger is a '97 4 banger 2wd that needs a little attention to the body with a 5 speed and 3.73's but we raced 2.3's in Eastern PA before moving back here (my parents moved a month before my wife and me and have a HUGE garage) so who knows what the future holds for the beast...Thanks to all for the welcome and hopefully I can help provide some tech tips and learn some new stuff as well.
  9. Bill

    Bill New Member

    $25.00 a week, think I spend more than that for beer runs. :jester:. Welcome to the forum, was wondering if our paths ever crossed on the other site.
  10. Chapman

    Chapman F150


  11. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    lol i agree
  12. OP

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    Hey now, I still have a new pair of CIPA mirrors, two spare tires, a grille, two doors, headlights, rad, 5.0, etc as remnants of my f-150 project....:thumbsup:
  13. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    lol oh ya
  14. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    I used to have an F-150 too, but my Ranger came by different circumstances though. The finance company giveth....and the finance company taketh away! :(
  15. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger

    AMAN i here you on that and what i spent on gas now gos to beer so not sure i made the right call lol
  16. Jon

    Jon Administrator


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