Shutters after new clutch

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Steve-0, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Steve-0

    Steve-0 New Member

    I have a 94 Ford Ranger 4.0L V6 4x4. I just had a new clutch installed last week and as I drove away from the shop parking lot the truck shuttered and jerked violently after the clutch had started to engage but was not fully engaged. It does this only when starting from a complete stop. Once I get through that 1.5 seconds of violent jerking it works beautifully through the rest of the gears. I took it right back to the shop and the mechanic told me that he had the flywheel turned and that the flywheel was borderline too thin so he shimmed it out. He said he would replace the flywheel and that should take care of it. He replaced the flywheel and the problem still occurred. Then he assumed the clutch was defective and put a 2nd new clutch in. The problem has improved some, but it still shutters quite a bit when I start from a complete stop. The mechanic is stumped and said he doesn't know what else to try. Could it have something to do with the transmission not being aligned perfectly when he reinstalled it? Or could it be my universal joint? Any suggestions would be tremendously helpful. Thanks!
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  3. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    welcome to the site... It almost sounds like a new clutch on an old flywheel or one that someone sanded down instead of having it turned. When the disk goes bad it's a lot like a disk brake and pads, actually it's exactly like that. When your pads go bad they glaze the rotors and eventually warp them. If you put new brake pads on old rotors they shutter. That's what it sounds like is going on there. Did you see the new flywheel or the old flywheel?
  4. mustang ranger

    mustang ranger New Member

    i agree with western paranger im only 18 but i been building and racing cars and trucks since i was old enoughph to ask whats rong with it and i agree i had that happen whin i put the mustang motor in my 2001 ford ranger fly weel was sanded cause i thought it would help but nope it realy mest me up big time its most likely the fly wheel in your case to even though its a stock moter its still and older fly wheel there not much to buy or replace
  5. Bill

    Bill New Member

    The term we use for this clutch malfunction is "chatters". Am not sure what the mechanic meant by shimming. Sounds rinky-dink to me. Suggest he gets a different supplier for the clutch. Would think he, after two installs, would have noticed any foreign substance on the plate, disc or flywheel. As to alignment of tranny to engine, doubt if any error could be made there.
  6. raygun

    raygun New Member

    It has got to be a warped flywheel. I agree with the others, the only time I've experienced this is when I changed out clutch and didn't have the pressure plate turned or precision ground, and had a distinct hit and miss of the 2 surfaces. Or a hot spot on fly wheel. When you disassemble it you will notice blueing on opposite sides or 180% apart from the other. This will tell you your flywheel is not right. You got to watch out for the man. And did he remove these shims he put in? Anyone trying to shim a clutch or a flywheel, is someone I'd steer clear of!!!!
  7. bowmaster85

    bowmaster85 New Member

    Adjustable pressure plate

    On some of the years there is also an adjustable pressure plate. If the mechanic did not notice this or adjust the pressure plate (new ones need to be set) then this could cause the chatter you are talking about as well.

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