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    Up for sale is a Shorty Console. I bought it to put it in my Ranger, but I lost interest in the idea, so maybe one of you guys wants it. It was pulled from an 02 B4000, so it is a genuine Ranger console with a vinyl armrest.

    It was originally gray, but I re-sprayed it Satin Black with Krylon Fusion. I originally only sprayed the console, with hopes to re-cover the armrest in genuine black vinyl. But I cheaped out and sprayed the armrest with black vinyl spray. It's held up well, but I'd suggest doing an actual recover in black vinyl.

    It has a crack in the bottom armrest plate, but the armrest still stays in position. I've never had it installed, so I don't know if it can support weight or not.

    I'm asking $20 + shipping, or an even trade for a 4x4 radio bezel from a Ranger with fog lights.

    I need to take new pictures of it, and once I do, I will update the listing.

    If you're interested, PM me and we can exchange numbers.


    P.S., the shorty console above is featured in the below How-To.
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