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    A while back I was rear ended real hard, did not think much of it until we discovered a crack in the oil pan, had that replaced, but in sorting out what caused it found that the accident apparently had caused the top two studs of the Right side motor mount to shear off on my 2003 4cyl reg cab ranger 2wd. So sounded easy enough, replace it with a new one. Unable to figure out how to remoive it from the frame, how do you get to that bolt, it looks like you might get to it by removing the shock and snaking an extension thru the spring, am i close?

    Well we gotter done as follows;
    removed shock, made it obvious spring had to come out,
    had to take sway bar, top ball joint, tie rod and anti lock sensor loose, jack up motor slightly,
    straight shot to bolt thru hole in boxed part of frame behind spring, reverse to button up. did this on a lift, do not think it can be done in driveway without a bunch of cussin, we needed two post jacks on the lift and it was still a bit tricky.
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