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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jon, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Driving into work yesterday I began to notice a bunch of companies that use Rangers as their work trucks. Orkin, Cox Communications and one other that I can't think of. But these corporations are using the trucks. Makes me realize that there is such a big market for Ranger-sized pickups.

    I think Ford would be crazy to discontinue 'cause it's definitely the best truck in its class and for some of these companies that need a truck but don't want a large truck, it's great.
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  3. Nitrofan1

    Nitrofan1 New Member

    Agreed! At our store we have (2) 06 Colorados and (1) Ranger. The Colorados are literally falling apart while the Ranger with more miles on it (Wonder why?) is tried & true. The company tried an experiment with Pontiac Vibes last year and since will be going to all Rangers as the other's leases expire.
  4. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    The vibe is a toyota mitrix which should hold up well but not ideal for a lot of uses.
  5. Sgtgoose1

    Sgtgoose1 New Member

    Around Here,
    The JD Dealer uses a Ranger and the other Farm related dealers or suppliers use them for doing part chasing or for "General" work. If they need a bigger truck it's a F-150.
    Even NAPA drives a Ranger, along with the Mower dealers.

    We have a Chevy and Chrysler dealer in town much bigger than Ford but everyone still buys Rangers and F-150's.

    If they showed up in a Rice Burner, I don't care if made in Dixie or Texas the customers Dog would Kill the tires, the Farmer would Chase them out of the Yard.

    They check the Secondary markets for "USA" Made JD equipment since JD makes their Combines in Germany the last Few years.

    Canada is one thing (area was founded by French Canadians in the 1700's)

    So they better Keep building Rangers.

  6. OP

    Jon Administrator

    Yup...they better keep building them. With a good re-design they could really put some distance between them and the competition.
  7. CrazyCooter


    abunch of companies around here use them too. even the local fire & rescue has a 2nd gen ranger that they use
  8. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    A bunch of different places around here use Rangers too. Another reason why I seriously doubt Ford would ax the Ranger
  9. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger

    :yes:well at my work all the people in the field get ford all the people in the office gets Chevy's so i asked i supervisor once about this and he said the ford works and the chevy thinks its a car so thous pantie wast get cheep trucks we get the real ones!

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