Ranger spark plugs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gregg, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. gregg

    gregg New Member

    [​IMG] I fouled my Ranger up...help
    Have a 1991 Ford Ranger 2.3 that runs fine. It stalled sometimes when first starting...I decided to change the plugs and used the "gapless" Bosch type. Now the truck starts and idles smoothe BUT.....it now ha a "miss" in it.

    Kinda coughs and sputters a little when gas pedal depressed....could it be the type plugs I used or I'm thinking the plug wires. I don't think they have been touched in many a year.

    Again, it ran fine before I put my mitts on it....

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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Gregg -- welcome to the site! I'd guess it was the plugs by what you describe above although I don't have any experience with the gapless plugs.
  4. OP

    gregg New Member


    thanks jon and yes, I have registered. will anyone else offer input on my question???
  5. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    we are a growing site, but still on the small side....someone will respond, it may just take some time!
  6. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Gappless spark plugs, how do they work? Suggest go backwards, like hitting the undue button. See if its any better, if its the same, perhaps a plug wire has gotten damaged. Going back in time some 46 years, here I am a brand new licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. The veterans had a saying for us newbies. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". So here we are alsmost 5 decades later and the same mistakes are being made, don't beat yourself up, just join the crowd and move on. Avaition has another nice saying, it about Pilots. Two types of pilots, those that have, and those that will. Meaning, "those who have forgotten to put down the landing gear down".
  7. olschool

    olschool New Member

    Sometimes "advancements" in technology don't work so good. What's the benefit of gapless plugs?????

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