Ranger no heat..HELP

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by wafire, May 6, 2023.

  1. wafire

    wafire New Member

    Radiator is full of water, heater core flows water through it, new thermostat, does not overheat. Turned the heat to hot amd only blows cold. I am at a loss. Give me ideas peeps!!!
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  3. mrjimphelps

    mrjimphelps New Member

    I assume your temperature gauge reads hot after the truck has warmed up. If so, then it could be that your blend door actuator is bad. The blend door actuator is controlled by the temperature control on your A/C. It opens and closes a door in your air duct system so as to give you hot or cold air. It is located behind the glove compartment on a 97 Ranger.

    Empty your glove compartment, then squeeze the two sides together while you are pulling out and down on the glove compartment. This will open it all the way and will reveal your air duct system. The blend door actuator is a small device that is mounted on top of the air duct behind the glove compartment. Pry it loose from the air duct with a flat-head screw driver, but leave the wire plugged in to it. Once you have removed it from the air duct, start the engine, turn on the A/C, and adjust your temperature control all the way to hot or cold. When you do that, the rod sticking out from the blend door actuator box should turn (about a quarter turn). Move the temp control from hot to cold - the rod should turn. Then move it from cold to hot - the rod should turn in the opposite direction. As long as the rod turns when you adjust the temperature control, then the blend door actuator is good.

    A new blend door actuator will cost around $45 at Autozone. Bring in the old one, to make sure it is an exact match.

    To install the blend door actuator, you'll need to line up the rod on the actuator with the door inside the air duct. (If it isn't lined up, you will never get it to install.) To line it up, you can get a long flat-head screwdriver bit (like the kind you would use with an impact wrench) and put it in the hole where the blend door actuator rod goes. (Make sure that the bit is longer than the hole is deep!) Now you can turn the blend door by hand simply by turning the screwdriver bit, either all the way to the hot end or all the way to the cold end. At the same time, adjust your temperature control to all the way hot or all the way cold, in order to match how the door is. Now remove the screwdriver bit, and install the blend door actuator. The rod should drop right into the hole. When I removed the actuator, my blend door seemed to move by itself toward the hot direction, so I turned it all the way to hot with the screw driver bit, and I turned the temperature control all the way to hot. In this way, if the door happened to move, it would move in the direction I wanted it to move.

    Once the rod drops down into the hole, you can snap the actuator down with your hand.

    Good luck.
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