Radiator Pressure

Discussion in '3.0 Engine' started by KSMac, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. KSMac

    KSMac New Member

    When I first start my 2000 ford ranger the water in the radiator starts coming out the over flow. Just started doing this and the water is cold. Any ideas as to why??
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  3. A hose could be blocked somewhere. If you're up to the work, drain the system and take a garden hose and force water through the system. And the water is going to be cold when you start it. Does it do it constantly? And what's the temp where you are?
  4. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    i would say that the radiator cap needs replaced..... i would personally start with the cheapest stuff to replace hten work my way up to the more expensive stuff.....
  5. OP

    KSMac New Member

    As soon as I start the engine it starts pumping the water out. Cold engine.
  6. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

  7. OP

    KSMac New Member

    The pickup is a 2000 Ranger, 3.0 motor, 4X4 all is standard. I did have the head gaskets replace last year, had a couple valves sticking on the left bank so while he was there change both head gaskets too. Been running fine till now. I did put on another radiator cap no change. I also have replaced the thermostat and no change. Still scratching my head!!
  8. OP

    KSMac New Member

    I have flushed out the radiator, added a new radiator cap, new theromstat, even added a can of Bar-Leak head gasket seal. My plugs are good show now moisture, still no oil in the water - no water in the oil. The bubbles in the over flow tank are not constant, at times up to 15 minutes no bubbles. Still at a lost on this, had new head gaskets put in 1 1/2 years ago. Sure would like some help with my problem!!
  9. Hmmmm.... Is there white steam constantly coming out of your exhaust?
  10. OP

    KSMac New Member

    No there is not, some moisture at times but it stopes but never any white smoke.
  11. Then your head gaskets are good. It's something else then. I'm kinda leaning towards air in the system, but that should have gone away when you flushed the system.
  12. OP

    KSMac New Member

    That is what I thought too. I am just lost on what else to do. Have neveer had a vehicle do this type of issue. What gets me is the bubbles in the overflow tank come and go and different times. Not at all constant like when a head/gasaket is bad.
  13. I've never heard of it. You can try leaving it running without the radiator cap for a while and see if any air bubbles out. That's really all I can think of on this... My girlfriend's dad has a suped up Camaro, and that's how he bled the coolant... Start it up without the cap, let the engine heat up all the way, and let it run for a while after without the cap and see if that helps. Did you say if the water temp stayed in the normal range? And how is the heat in the truck? Does it just blow out semi-warm air?
  14. OP

    KSMac New Member

    I will try it. The heater air is hot, but when the bubbles start going into the overflow tank then the air cools off, when the bubbles stop the air warms back up again. I know it sounds crazy but that is it. I have read other forums and 3.0 engines are bad about doing this. But I cannot find how they fixed there problem.
  15. 01B3000

    01B3000 ORIGINAL Portable Seizure

    Its not that there bad, you just have a air bubble in the system. Here's what you do.

    Park the truck on a level surface.
    With the truck cool remove the Rad cap
    Squeeze the upper Rad hose, see if air comes out of the filler neck.
    start the truck with the cap open, heat on as hot as it can go.
    let the truck warm up. Keep an eye on the filler.
    Occasionally squeeze the upper Rad hose, observe if air comes out.
    As air escapes, add some more coolant.
    once coolant starts coming out of the Rad, cap it off, shut down the truck.
    refill coolant overflow.

    You may have to do this more than once
  16. Yeah, air pocket for sure then. No biggie, just follow 01B3000's directions and you'll be fine.

  17. OP

    KSMac New Member

    Thank you for the information. I will give it a try tonite after work. Again thanks, I will posts the outcome.
  18. Sounds good man. Good luck!
  19. OP

    KSMac New Member

    It didn't fix it , tried numerous times thought I had it one time did not have any bubbles going into the over flow tank after driving about (8) miles. So the next day drove it and it did it again bubbles in the tank. This is getting a little crazy.
  20. deamers87ford

    deamers87ford New Member

    just wondering is your t stat install with air release up
    idk if you still having problem
  21. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Your head gaskets may be bad again. I had this problem when my head gasket started to fail. The cylinder pressure from the head leaks through to a coolant passage which pushes all your water into the overflow. I had so much pressure in there the overflow looked like a balloon. I didnt have any "white smoke" either til the gasket completely went.

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