Project: Dakota rebuild......

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Redneck_ranger, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    I'm just going to blow that off and not take it as an insult... And frankly, I can't wait to prove you wrong. You know, I'm not as ignorant to fixing trucks as you may think... I grew up around doing it.
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  3. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    pete i dont think dj was meaning it as an insult.... i grew up around a body shop as well but todays vehicles are completely different than what they were 5 years ago....
  4. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Y'all don't know the old 92 we had then. Insurance totaled it after we got hit and crushed by a rig. We found an old 91 up in NY, drove up to get it, and rebuilt our 92 and it looked like it had jut come from the factory. Like I said. I grew up around it and have done it before..... And it's a 97, not a brand new one.
  5. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Who knew that radiators were so hard to find.....?! I've been to five stores and none of them stock em...
  6. El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Junkyard! They should have some Rads
  7. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Pete try calling Motts radiator in scotrun PA, they have the good stuff! (570) 629-0610
  8. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Okay, I'll give them a holler. Thanks man!
  9. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    No, don't ever get anything to do with the coolant system from the junk yard. The leftover coolant (even after they drained it) will eat away at the insides of the rad and it's no good.

    My buddy from the local store is hooking me up with a brand new rad for $200. A lot better than $400
  10. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Okay, so started dismantling the front end. Took a few bolts out of the fender and the bumper mounts. To my surprise and also my dad's, they came right out! No WD, no PB, nothing! Maybe my bumper will be this easy to get off! :)
  11. djfllmn

    djfllmn ^^^ I am Mr. Clean!

    i didnt mean it as an insult...yea it may look decent when youre done with it but im willing to bet it wont act the same if its in that same accident offense but there is a lot you dont know about fixing wrecked cars/trucks
  12. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Let me find some pictures of the old 92 we had then DJ. I don't give a **** if it works the same in an accident because it's never going to be in another like it. Seriously, instead of putting me down about it why don't you give me a little support? I don't ever put you down about things you're going to be doing.
  13. djfllmn

    djfllmn ^^^ I am Mr. Clean!

    pete you cant say never...there are a bunch of idiots on the road not putting you down dude im just recommending what the best thing would be
  14. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Yeah, well I want to rebuild it. Insurance just screws you over in a different way.
  15. hazard-maine

    hazard-maine northern ranger driver

    i rebuilt my ranger after an accident, but mine wasnt as bad as the kota
  16. Freemans 00

    Freemans 00 Active Member

    Eh its just the whole front end if you had the parts it take a day if you know how to do it and have help really its not that bad
  17. TomN

    TomN RANGER!!!

    my truck was just as bad if not worse. Only thing a shop replaced was the core support because i can't weld. I think you can do it.
  18. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster New Member

    lets see some pics of the process!
  19. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    I got nothing yet, just a fender sitting in the bed of the kota. Wednesday when I go home from school we're going to throw the rad in and send the fender to my buddy Tom for paint.
  20. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Update! Got the trim and rad pulled today. Then ended up getting the wrong My mistake.


    The old rad ^

  21. Sinister04Fx4

    Sinister04Fx4 Everything is a project.

    Pfft. I rolled my Ranger, as most know, and it's still doing okay. Me and Superlifted are rebuilding her. You can do it, Pete. Just don't try to do **** that you're not sure until you do some good research.

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