Power Steering Pump?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Redneck_ranger, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Alright, so whenever I drive, my power steering pump whines. It gets annoying after five months of doing it... So hopefully one of the coming weekends I will be replacing it. It whines on road, off road, and I'm sure if it could fly it'd whine in the air too. Anyways... Should I go OEM replacement or get something upgraded to withstand some use in the woods? Here's a link to a video where you can really hear it whining...

    After watching this, would y'all agree it's the PSP that needs replacing before it blows up on me?
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  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Is probably screaming to be cleaned thats all
  4. put some PS fluid in there
  5. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Well, it didn't do it when I bought the truck, then one day just randomly started. I threw Lucas in to see if it would help... Didn't. But it did take the hard spots out. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that too... Every so often the steering would get extremely hard and almost say f you to me when I tried to make a turn lol

    Craig, it's full. Truck doesn't leak a drop of anything from the engine.
  6. time for pump, plugs and belt
  7. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    That's what I figured. Any good brand out there other than reman from the local auto parts store?
  8. alot of the times a reman will have a longer warranty , I use O'riley auto parts

    A1-cardone off the top of my head
  9. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Well, I'll check Summit for something. See what they got.
  10. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

  11. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Most of the time the pump's not shot. It's usually the return line on the pump that gets a small hole in it, letting air get it. Buy a return hose (hell of a lot cheaper than buying a pump) and replace that. Bleed it PROPERLY (as in READ the directions!) and you shouldnt have any more problems.

    Btw, if you DO end up needing a pump, dont forget that you need the special puller tool to remove the pulley from the pump/bracket.
  12. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    Alright, gonna get that soon, then see if that helps. Last time I bled it though it didn't have too much air in it. And puller tool? lol Didn't know I needed one.
  13. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Yea the new pump doesnt come with a pulley and SOME dont even come w/ a reservoir.
  14. OP

    Redneck_ranger Banned

    I don't think the one I posted has anything on it, but I could be wrong... Alright, I'll keep that in mind.

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