P0174 and P0302 Codes! Need Help

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by gcextreme, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Ok, i have this topic on another thread, been getting lots of answers, thought i would post here and see if anyone here can advise.

    Driving down the interstate with cruise set at like 70mph. Driving for over 30 miles just fine. Then truck starts to loose power, seems like its shifting out of OD and into 3rd, going back and forth, struggling to keep at 70. I turned the cruise off, began driving at like 65, still i began to struggle to keep it up at that speed. Seems to start to stall, slowed me down to 40mph.... i took the off ramp. Truck seems to drive fine then. I didn't have a CEL or anything.
    I killed the truck, let it rest a bit, and i checked under the hood briefly. Truck started up fine, idled fine, got back on the interstate, drove fine, till about 55/60mph. Still struggled to keep up. Almost seemed like it wasn't getting gas at those speeds.
    Made it home ok.
    A bud came over to help me, we hooked up my programmer, did get a code a P0302 misfire in #2. We checked the plugs, they were a lil dirty, but ok. Decided the next day i would go get new plugs.
    On that day, i drove to town, same issues, when i got to town, it seemed to idle like crap at the stoplights. Finally my CEL came on. Went to Napa, got my plugs, the guy used his code reader, had the same P0302 code and another code, the P0174 Sys too lean Bank 2 code.
    Also got some fuel injector cleaner and some MAF cleaner.
    Ordered a fuel filter too, they didn't have the right one on hand, going to get that tomorrow. So went home, drove nice and easy and not over 50mph, lol.
    Replaced the plugs, cleaned the MAF, it was supper dirty, also cleaned the PCV Valve thing. Also found a disconnect vac/air hose. So you know the airfilter box, the big hose that comes out o that and goes to the throttle body, just before the throttle body, on the side of the big hose, theres a hole for a small hose, that hose was pulled out. Is that my culprit?

    Motor is a rebuilt one from FORD, now has about 55K on it. Fuel injectors were new at that time too. As well as NAPA lifetime guaranteed plug wires.

    I have been told these may be the issue:
    Bad Fuel injector
    Spark plugs/Wires/Coil pack?
    Vac leak
    MAF / PCV
    Fuel Filter
    O2 sensors?
    Catalytic Converter

    Am i missing anything???

    Ok so now since i have cleaned the PCV valve, MAF, put in new plugs, the truck hasn't acted up, or thrown the CEL, but it has only been one day and 25 miles later.

    This motor cost me a pretty penny, its still new, and I baby it. I change the oil every 2500 miles, i don't race or drive it crazy, i dont do burnouts, etc..
    The most work my truck does is haul my 4 wheeler and my motorcycle now and then.

    Any advice, tips, or suggestions on other stuff to check.

    I also dont have a clue on how to check the coil pack or wires or the catalytic converter to see if they are the problem.


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