o2 delete senser???

Discussion in '2.3 Engine' started by 1995-350, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. 1995-350

    1995-350 New Member

    okay so wen i bought my ranger it needed a cataylic converter put on it after a month of looking for one and not finding one im just going to wonder is there a o2 sensor delete that i can buy that will tell the moter to run at normal operating if any of ya know about this lmk please thanks
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  3. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    there are no o2 sensor delet's that i know of. and you may have to go to an exhaust shop and get them to put a universal cat on generally they are a little cheaper than one specifically for your truck.
  4. OP

    1995-350 New Member

    okay thank you ill call exhuasts shops tommarow
  5. crewguy498

    crewguy498 New Member

    I have a 98 Mazda w/ 2.3. Engine light stays on because it has no cat. Will this cause an intermittent miss? The truck will start and idle fine- at first. About 50 seconds of idling fine the motor stumbles from a good idle- and dies. Going down the road, running fine in any gear, motor will have a hard miss (like a big jerk). This happens under load or easy on the gas. We have cleaned the MAF, replaced other parts including new timing belt. We Seafoamed the motor also.
  6. 5.9cummins

    5.9cummins Tearin up ****

    Not having a cat will not cause your truck to have a intermittent miss. As well as the second o2 sensor. All it does it make sure the cat is working properly. Unless u need it thereto pass inspection. I wouldnt waste any money in getting one out in. But that's me.

    Sounds like a vacuum leak. On how I say it runs fine the stumbles and dies. Check your vac lines. That'd be he first thing is do

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