No power at low rpms

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by cjc5602, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Any help is greatly apreciated. First off i have a 1992 xlt super cab ranger with a v-6 3.0L engine and an automatic transmission.
    this summer the power steering pump locked up going down the highway which shut down the engine. I replaced the steering pump and belt and everything was fine. Two weeks ago i dropped the kids off at school and stoped at the house to grab something and when i left and started up the street it had no power. It barely did 25mph.
    The engine starts fine but idles as if its starving. When you press down on the gas in park its not responsive. If you hold the gas pedel down after about 5 seconds it starts to increase in rpms and evens out and sounds normal.
    I have changed the plugs and wires and the distributor cop and button. I replaced the fuel filter and PCV valve and checked for any vacume leaks which i did find 2 and fixed those. I also replaced the oxygen sensors. I removed the catalytic converters to see if that was the problem.
    after all this it still runs the same.
    the only other 2 things that come to mind are the fuel pump getting weak or that the timing chain has jumped a tooth. any suggestions.

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