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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Killer Baba, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Killer Baba

    Killer Baba New Member

    Hello everyone, I joined a couple days after getting my first truck, a 2003 Ranger Ext cab with 119K miles on it. I am having a blast with my son doing some repairs and general maintenance to get us at a "starting point". Amazed at myself but enjoying it very much. I have been a bimmer person since 2006 having bought 4 of them new and used. The most fun I have with any vehicle is getting to know the used ones and doing general repair to get that comfortable feeling you have with something you have from the start for a long time. I plan to tow my sailboat, lug garden stuff, and you already know how many friends start to turn up when they find out you have a truck. I named my truck Sea Bea which plays on my dad being a fallen Sea Bee and the idea my nephew has that a truck is given a girl name... so I changed Bee to Bea as in Beautiful. I found out about the forum because I needed to know how to remove the door locks to take to a locksmith. Lots of good stuff already here and good guys sharing thier knowledge.
    Anybody want to start a discussion about the LACK of shop classes for highschool kids to learn about car repair? I would like to get something started in my old age (51) to help the kids who are falling prey to smart phones and xboxes. I have been talking too long...I know.
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  3. DPG3

    DPG3 Member

    welcome to the forum. a lot of good smart people here who are willing to help with anything you need. feel free to voice your knowledge too. these trucks are amazing. i have an 04 ranger 3.0. towed 5k lbs. good little trucks going on.
  4. dragracer969

    dragracer969 New Member

    Welcome to the forum

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