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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by stealthranger, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Well lets start with this. I am a new member here on the forum and I got stuck in the worst position ever.
    I have 2 project cars and my daily driver had a tranny go on it.
    I have to get rid of one of my projects and it happens to be my baby a 1g gst.
    I found a 93 ranger fwd 2.3.
    I have not gotten the truck yet but I hope to soon and I am a fan of rangers.
    MY bro has a slammed 03 blacked out ranger.
    The truck is black with some cab rust which I am not gonna worry about, my question is What can I do to make the 2.3 peppier I am a huge fan of performance. I am not talking past 220hp haha I just want it to be a little peppier and I plan on slamming the truck as well maybe a 5 inch drop does anyone know of any lower kits for the 93?

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