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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Denee007, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Denee007

    Denee007 New Member

    Hi! my name is Dne'. I live in Houston, Tx. and I love working on old cars and trucks. My mother (soon to be 88 y/o), she has a '98 Ford Ranger 2 wd with the 2.5, automatic. She's very tiny, about 5' I'd guess. She's asking me to figure a way to raise the seat so she can see over the steering wheel a little better. I know I can fabricate a spacer of sorts, but began looking for an electric seat base, or retrofit something to elevate the seat, plus go forward and back as well. If I raise the seat, not many will be able to drive it including me!lol Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Car and truck enthusiast:thumbsup:

    This is my mom;)
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  3. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    I think you are into custom work here. If the truck were a super cab (guessing its not being 4 cylinder and 2wd) you could put explorer power seats in that can raise up. You can put them in a reg cab but it takes some fab work on the brackets
  4. OP

    Denee007 New Member

    Thank you Kanuck! It was a long shot thinking electric seat existed in the ranger. I think I'll just go ahead with raising the seat as originally planned. Thank you for the response;)
  5. kanuck15

    kanuck15 Member

    No problem. There is a fellow on here who is a wiz with seats. He is selling some mustang buckets in the classified section. Shoot him a message and ask his opinion. He would probably know what factory parts to get to do what you want
  6. OP

    Denee007 New Member

    I'll check that lead out!;)

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