Mustang dome nothing works???

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 03walkalot, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. OP

    03walkalot New Member

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  3. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    I wasn't being a smart alec or anything. I often have to start at the beginning again on electric mods. One broken wire or bad socket can cause many headaches. The simple connect the wires to the battery and then wiggle the wires gives proof positive that the wires and sockets are good.
    Sometimes you gotta start over from scratch and assume nothing.
    Once I spent an hour trying to find a reason for a power loss on a circuit in my truck.....Never thought to see if the bulb in the test light was burnt out!
    Been there done that.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2012
  4. OP

    03walkalot New Member

    Shawn, No problem smart A** remarks are welcome here it keeps everything light and believe me I am not a thin skinned person so I would much rather keep things as un-technical as possible and have people speak their minds, you know like "did you check the bulbs dumba**" LOL
  5. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    3rdBL wiring should be:

    Black = grounds
    Green = brake positive
    Black/pink stripe = cargo positive

    The cargo lights will need their own ground to tie into the ground wire @ the plug on your truck 3rdBL connector.

    The power from the "door open power" wire at the dome light (the center bulb) is what you'll want to tap to run to the power to the cargo lights.

    I have no idea on the wire colors @ the dome, but here's the polarity of the bulb sockets for a 'stang dome if that helps :p

  6. OP

    03walkalot New Member

    Visual help

    Here is the way I had the wiring set up to test the lights.

    When I touched the red + test wire for the cargo lights to the +pos terminal on the dome it blew the 30Amp inline fuse. So that is where I am at, what am I doing wrong?????:eek:
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  7. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    It's possible you accidentally screwed into the yellow wire going to the cargo lights when you reassembled it all. The screw would ground out and create a direct short that would blow the fuse.

    I would disconnect the cargo ground and see if it blows the fuse.
    If it does, pull the bulbs and see if it blows a fuse.
    If it still does, disconnect the yellow wire from the cargo light and tape that end off.
    Apply power to the other end and see if the fuse blows.
    If it still blows then the yellow wire is shorted.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012
  8. OP

    03walkalot New Member

    Thanks shawn...going out to try it now......may need to buy stock in the fuse company.....:D let you know the result in a few...
  9. OP

    03walkalot New Member

    Yup that was it!

    Did all of the above, fuse blew.......isolated the power wire from the cargo lights then put power to it and "POOF" One more fuse! So Now I suppose I need to run a new power wire to the cargos! Stay tuned for the next adventure of "short circuit" and "I wonder what that wire does"........:wacko::wacko:
  10. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    Probably better than the next adventure of "Up in smoke starring your Ranger"
  11. OP

    03walkalot New Member

    LMAO:)) Would not be as much fun as Cheech and Chongs version!:lol:
  12. OP

    03walkalot New Member


    Ran a new pwr wire, hooked it in direct to the Cargos.........."Houston we have Cargo Lights"! Thanks a million Shawn! I know it may sound like a simple fix to many but you have to have a basic electrical skill and knowledge in order to trouble shoot the problem, skills I don't have. Now all I have to do is finish the job. Thanks a million for all the help and input from everyone especially Shawn. Happy Camper!:D
  13. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    Glad I could share my knowledge and help you out.

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