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Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by Hooligan, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I purchased a back end cluster and HVAC panel soldered with LED's from Lowranger96 because for some reson LED bulbs would not work in my clusters. In the beginning, he told me once I paid for it, it would be a week turn around. I received the cluster backing and HVAC panel 1 month after paying him. We first spoke I told him I wanted a green display but I have green filters and asked if I should do green LED's or white, He told me green...I figured the kid knows more than I do about it so I took his word for it. I get the cluster and HVAC panel, The cluster was pretty dirty when I got it but no big deal. I plugged it in my truck and it wouldnt work, Also the HVAC panel had different hookup points than my truck had.

    I sent him an email telling him of the situation, right off the bat refuses a refund even when I offered to ship the parts back to him at my own cost. He also said he wont refund my money due to the money he put in for LED's, also saying green LED's are hard to sell and he cant sell them and the back part of the cluster. I offered to take the refund less the cost of the LED's, and still send everything back to him and still he refuses. He says the things worked on his bench test so what happens after they leave his hands is beyond his control so if you order from this guy, you may want to remember what goes beyond his hands is out of his control.....If it even worked in the first place.

    So going by his word on the one week turn around, and telling me green LED's will do the job, then turning around and saying he cant resell green LED's, I don't trust his word for anything as far as his "bench test" goes. He wants me to send the items back at my expense so he can check them, and I am sure what ever the problem is he will tell me I have to pay more, he already said I would have to pay more for shipping so he can send them to me again. So after waiting a month on the original deal, I am sure after the bickering it will take longer than month for me to get it back again plus more money.

    All I asked for was a refund, he gets his parts back, plus I am shipping it out of my own pocket and taking the hit for the green LED's so he isn't out the cost for that and he still refuses. So Buyers sounds like a money pit job to me!
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  3. That sucks man, glad to know who NOT to do business with, so he pushes the green leds to you
    and the **** does not work what a piece of work. as I say " kids today"

    sounds like a D.head to me
  4. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!! i know he is in college and can use the money but still atleast do the right thing
  5. yeah, ya don't f uck over your friends or people who try to help you.
  6. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    I'm not normally one to post something like this, but in this case:

    No offense to the guy, but LED's of ANY color aren't THAT expensive.

    If you can't afford $10.00 for some led's & resistors, you probably shouldn't be doing led mods.

    He should man-up and refund your money for a bad job or take responsibility for his work & make it right.

    (slightly off topic)
    I recently made a custom led panel that got lost lost in the mail, I didn't insure it (my mistake) and it was a one of a kind custom piece. I told the buyer what happened & I immediately began building another led panel for him, shipped & insured it on my dime & I never asked him for anything other than a little patience as I made another item for him.
    I'm out way more than I got for the original panel, but I did my best to make things right for him. That's called responsibility.

    Clinton, you WILL be getting a smokin' hot green led modded cluster & hvac :D
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  7. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Buggman rocks!!! Coming through for me again!
  8. you need to let the other forum folks know this info too
  9. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Already done!
  10. jacobxstanley

    jacobxstanley Michigan Ranger Driver

    Damn! I smell a choke slam coming
  11. Black mamba

    Black mamba The mannnn

    Bugmann !!!!! When can I get my hands on some of your led work?
  12. the first Ranger Forum Smack Down
  13. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    Watcha need??

    I'll put led's in or on just about anything :jester:
  14. machine

    machine Banned

    after the chokeslam:the tombstone piledriver. Undertaker style.
  15. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    Oh and don't forget about the last ride. Ah hell Clinton will probably just snap his fingers and cause this dude to piss himself. Lol
  16. LowRanger96

    LowRanger96 New Member

    I originally told him one week on turn around. I then informed him i ran out of parts and had to go to the yard to get more. I couldn't get to the yard because of an ice storm which i believe i informed him of that as well.

    I sent him a picture of the cluster lit up on the bench, so when he says he "doesn't work if the bench test is even true", that's crap because he has a picture of it lit up.

    Due to the custom build of this type of thing, i told him that if he sent the product back, which he had already agreed to pay shipping on, then i would check the functionality of the product and make the refund based on that. If the product did not work then i told him a full refund would be in order. IF the product did work then i told him i'd refund what he paid, minus the cost of the materials that couldn't be reused and the initial shipping that i paid.

    I initially told him that a refund would be difficult due to the fact that he custom ordered green leds and the resale of that would be difficult if it was an issue of him just not liking it after the fact.

    i can't understand why the buyer says green leds arent doing the job if the cluster doesn't light up at all. He wanted his cluster to light up green, so i put green leds in. Shouldn't have anything to do with resell because it was custom built for him, not anyone else. I told him resell would be difficult because most people that have bought from me that go led are looking for a color change, not the same factory coloring. I shouldn't need to sell him something and consider a resale value on it when he's custom ordering a specific thing.

    I do not believe ive been unreasonable in the refund terms that i laid down.

    and for the record, ive sold tons of these, bench tested every one, and never had any issues with anything not working once sent out. again, i told him i'd gladly check out the product and base the refund on if it worked for me or not, because all im doing is plugging in 12v to the cluster, just like a truck would, with factory harnesses.

    and i never said green was harder to get a hold of, i simply said it's like refunding a custom ordered cake that has stuff written on it, no body else wants a cake that says someone elses name, same thing here. people going led normally dont want the same stock color.. whats the point. nevertheless i made him what he wanted

    i never pushed him into anything, he asked which would be better, i said if you want green, ill put in green, why would i care what color he wanted, i had to purchase the leds specifically for his cluster anyways.
  17. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Yuo never sent me a picture, that is a flat out lie.

    Even a if a bakery messes up a cake, they have to make good on it
  18. LowRanger96

    LowRanger96 New Member

    yeah if they messed if up they make good i agree, but that analogy isn't saying they messed it up, it's saying someone ordered the wrong thing and found out it doesnt work, then wants a refund on wasted stuff. i sent you working stuff, and i already told you i'd gladly take a look at it and see if it works or not.. and refund you based on that!

    the picture i emailed to you

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2011
  19. LowRanger96

    LowRanger96 New Member

    like i said before,

    i'll gladly take a look at the product and do a functionality test on it. if it works, ill refund you minus the parts cost. if it doesn't, ill do a full refund. not really sure how that is so unreasonable
  20. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I'm not bickering with you about this anymore. I'm not spending anymore more money and wasting another month waiting for your junk
  21. LowRanger96

    LowRanger96 New Member

    i never asked for more money man

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