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Discussion in 'Interior' started by sgull, Jun 26, 2018.

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    I'd like to replace the "map" light fixture on my '98 Ranger. It's the fixture up on the ceiling in the cab right above the middle of the back window and has a sliding switch. I suppose it could be called the dome light or the cab light but apparently it's referred to as the map light. I'm pretty sure I busted something on the fixture, like a tab or whatever, when I was in a hurry trying to pry off the cover (lens) to remove the bulb(s) one time in the past when the light wouldn't turn off even with the doors shut. The light still works but I can't replace the cover because like I said something (a tab or whatever) that holds the cover (lens) onto the base of the fixture apparently has broken and so it won't snap back on.

    I read somewhere (maybe this forum) but can't find it anymore where an upgrade to these particular map lights can be done by replacing this style fixture with that from an Explorer so that it's not the sliding switch anymore but would then be pushbutton switches instead. What I recall reading is that on the Explorer fixture I'd need to clip off or cut off a couple of tabs on the fixture (or something like that) so it will fit into the Ranger. So I was thinking of going ahead and doing that if I could get my hands on the right fixture from an Explorer somebody might be parting out but I can't remember the year range of Explorer that will work for the swap-out.

    If anybody knows here, can they let me know. Also, after that or along with that I'd like to change out the situation so that the bulbs are LED, if that's not a big deal to accomplish. Any comments/advice/guidance about any of the above appreciated.

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