Major problem on a 99 3.0 FFV Ranger, can't figure it out

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by mrqwerty, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Randomly started losing power to the engine when it's cold, can't pull out of the driveway or move until the engine is truly hot. Never had this problem until it got cold. Still idles, but giving it gas makes it start shaking and it can't rev. Will randomly come back and drive like normal.
    Engine shot off P0153, replaced the bank 2 O2 sensor. No change to response, engine idles but doesn't really do much until heated up, then randomly stalls out like I said above. No more check engines after this.
    Rats chewed through a plug wire and that caused a big deal with the truck, replaced that. No change.
    Replaced stuck open thermostat, no change.
    Cleaned MAF, idle valve and EGR, runs great when it's warm out and took 30 minutes to be able to circle the parking lot at work this morning when it was 24 degrees, drove almost all the way home then lost engine power, idled and tried to kill itself while hitting gas and managed to coast uphill home.
    I have tested vac lines with starter fluid, no response at all. Took it to a shop that ignored that it was taking an hour to heat the engine, told me that the other 3 O2 sensors are slow (but no check engine). I am going to replace the temp sender next, anyone ever encountered this problem on this truck?

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