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Discussion in 'Suspension Tech' started by 06FordFX4, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. 06FordFX4

    06FordFX4 Canadian Redneck

    well, this how to is for you folks who have a ford ranger and need to change the balljoints in the middle of winter when the temps are -30 C (-22 F). and have no indoor space to work in. let alone heated indoor space.

    Step 1:

    buy balljoints from rockauto.com. save a bunch of money, with fast shipping and quality parts. I chose to use raybestos greasable ball joints. top quality stuff.

    Step 2:

    Buy a balljoint press for $100, or rent one from your local parts store. most of them rent tools, and most will have a balljoint press. I chose to buy one since there are no local parts stores that rent them that i have access to.

    Step 3:

    attempt to remove lug nuts, realize your locking lug key is lost.

    Step 4:

    Get a 3/4" 12 point socket, and hammer that ****er onto the locking lug nut. then get a breaker bar, and simply unscrew it. place hammered on socket and lug in vice, and knock the lug out.

    repeat for other side.

    then throw those ****ers away and get real lug nuts.

    Step 5:

    Continue taking things apart. again, coming to realize you do not have that one wrench size vital to the operation. give up and put the tire back on (with proper lug nuts) and go about your day.

    Step 6:

    its now several days later, you have all the tools, sockets, etc. you need. start working on taking the tire off, brakes, abs line, start impact gunning the CV shaft nut off, and break the impact gun. after this happens, refer to step 5 and do that **** again.

    Step 7:

    Return unused balljoint press for $100. and call your local dealer and book a damn appointment (you need an oil change anyways, so just get that **** done.)

    Step 8:

    drive 10 miles to the dealer, drop off your totally ****ing badass ranger, and get a ride home to have a nap, since you got up at 8 to take it in.

    Step 9:

    go get your freakin sweet truck from the dealer, give them your hard earned money, and say good day to you sir/ma'am

    Step 10:

    get home, and enjoy those beautiful new raybestos greasable ball joints!


    oh yea, and those ****in sweet folks at the dealer will wash your badass ranger for you. beacause its just so damn awesome.


    Step 11:

    write this how to, so people know how to do this **** when they google it.

    but for a real how to, check this link. its a great, and informative how to.

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  3. rangerguy95

    rangerguy95 New Member

    This was the most informative How To I have read for my need of replacing all of my ball joints, thank you sir it was hilarious
  4. OP

    06FordFX4 Canadian Redneck

    lol. glad I could help.

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