Jumping\Chugging 99 2.5l

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    Hi guy's

    I have a (99 2.5'l ranger ext cab\step side 2 wheel drive

    The bad

    The motor is jumping at IDl\low end acceleration it seems
    to run better at 3000 rpm it clears up to a point but it still ther
    but it bad'er under hard acceleration.

    And yes the check engine light is on and blink under mild to hard accleleration

    OK so what have I done so far.

    Well let see

    I have replaced both coil's pack's twice,
    plug wire's twice, plug's once, fule injectors once,
    New fule filter, took the catalytic converters off thinking well it my be it

    short story it's back on:(

    There only two code's up streem O2 and EGR there wore more
    but there gone now like miss fire cyl 2 down streem O2 exedra exedra.

    Now the motor has less then 20k on it so dose the fule pump
    timeing belt and the truck never ran hot and has had it
    oil change every 3000 mile's.

    Now what could this be it getting to me bad.

    The truck never had the get up and go like it supposed to
    but this is just sad.
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