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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mbritons, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. mbritons

    mbritons New Member

    Name's Mark and I come from the hollers West "By God" Virginia. Got hooked on Rangers a few years back when I met ole blue. She was an 89 four banger 4x4 that would run like a scalded cat. I had her or about 4.5 years and her ticker up and died on me. While she was on life support, I replaced her broken heart with two transplants, but neither would take. I finally had to put her down, as her medical expenses surpassed her actual cost of living. I have been getn around in a car until I found a 93 4.0 6 cyl auto tranny hidden in the back of a less than up and up dealer locally. SHe dint have a battery, her rear brake cylinder blew out and well, this "dealer" wouldn't sell anything that couldn't be driven off the lot. But then he would never take tthe time to get this one up and running. I landed it for scrap metal price and dollied her home.
    I put a new battery in her and about 5 gal of gas and after almost a year of sittin, she started right up. I had to do another brake line, but she doesn't "DO" drive, 1ST or Overdrive, but r and 2nd work. NOw is the process of getting her back to life!
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  3. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Luck on that !
  4. OP

    mbritons New Member

    Thanks bud, sure coulduse some luck. Actually, I looked over several posts and one struck my eye. It seems this guy had the same problem. He could only move in reverse and 2nd. plus, he said putting into D once in motion, the tranny auto adjusted. He said that he changed the fluid and the filter and after each use the ranger seemed to better and better. Going to go have it changed by professionals to make sure that fluid is out of transmission as well as the gear housing. Lets hope this will help....If I do need to replace or rebuild the transmission, how do i tel which one needs done?

    The truck has been hidden in the back corner of a buy here pay here lot that was a little reputationally challenged, and hadnt eve be started forat leat a battery, Bought it knowing i could at least double mymoney on body and frame alone; Mark
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  5. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Maybe sitting so long caused some of the innerspring to dry up.
    It would be far easier to do an oil/filter change, even a couple of time and see.
    Maybe after you do the oil change, have a friend give the little truck a push and see if the trans will catch up.

    Luck is always good to have on your side,I hope it works out.

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