How To: Replace windshield wiper motor

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    In this write up, You will learn How To replace you windshied wiper motor. This work was performed on a 2001 XLT.

    Tools required:
    Large socket
    Standard socket set
    Long magnet (recommended)

    Step 1.
    Remove your negative battery terminal! Unplug the wiper motor.

    Remove your wiper arms by pulling the tab at the base out while pulling the wiper arm up at the same time. The wiper arm will pop right off.

    Step 2.

    Using a large socket, remove the retaining rings at the base of the wipers. I do not recommend using large pliers, as they are plastic and can be damaged.
    Once the ring is off, push the bases through the hole and let them drop down.

    Step 3.

    Using your ratchet set, remove the bolts holding the wiper motor on.

    Step 4.

    Pull the motor out gently, it is still attached to the control arms. Using your sockets, remove the bolt from the backside then remove the motor completely.

    Step 5.

    Install your new motor in reverse order. Keep in mind, the motors arm is square with one round end and you must line it up to the arm sticking out here:

    Step 6.

    The arm bases which you dropped in the hole earlier need to be lifted out. I used a shop magnet, extended and brought them up through the holes and attached the retaining ring.

    Step 7.

    Replace your wiper arms and make sure they are in the correct position when they are turned on.

    Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your windshield wiper motor.
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