How To: Replace Ignition & door lock cylinders

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    Tools you will need:
    Metallic punch or long flat screwdriver
    Long clamp
    WD-40 oil spray

    What we will replace:
    We will replace the steering wheel ignition cylinder and both door locks cylinders

    I bought the OEM parts. The box included:
    -one ignition cylinder (black)
    -two door locks cylinders (came with wires and connectors for power locks)
    -a set of two OEM Ford Keys
    -glove box compartment lock (I’m not using that)



    Procedure A: Replacing the ignition cylinder

    SAFETY FIRST: Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. This might prevent damages to certain components of the ignition module

    1-Once the battery is disconnected, we can begin with our job

    2-“To remove the ignition cylinder from its housing the steering plastic surround must be removed”: FALSE!!!

    The job is easier than expected. No plastic trim or surrounding must be removed. To remove the ignition cylinder, put it in the LOCK position.

    After that, insert the metallic punch or long flat screwdriver on the hole shown in the picture below:


    Press the punch or screwdriver upwards and using your other hand, remove the complete assy of the ignition cylinder, with the key on it

    After the old ignition cylinder is removed, put the new one in the same position (LOCK) and simply slide it in.

    It will only fit in one position. Look at it carefully, and simply align the streaks in it with the steering column streaks. It’s a direct fit, there’s only one way to fit this in.

    Once the new cylinder is on its place, test it.

    Insert the new key and scroll all the positions in order to check it works fine; OFF – ACCESORY – OFF – ON – START. Do this a couple of times in order to ensure the correct functionality.

    This is the new ignition cylinder:




    Procedure B: Replacing both door locks cylinders

    In order to remove both door locks cylinders the inside door panel must be removedFALSE AGAIN!!!

    There’s no need to remove the interior panels of the door, once again this is a much easier job than expected.

    Open the door and locate the black tab shown in the picture below:


    In order to remove the lock cylinder that black tab is the only thing that should be removed. NOTHING ELSE!

    To remove it, you might need to lubricate it (sometimes with dust it can be stacked, like in my case). A WD-40 spray oil will be your best friend for this job.


    Introduce the can spray tool (plastic stick) inside the tab groove and apply just a small amount of oil. Using the clamp just pop out that tab and the lock cylinder is now ready to be replaced.

    Using your fingers, remove the cylinder from the outside; disconnecting the metallic rod with activates/deactivates the lock.

    The replacement cylinders I’ve got had the connectors for the power locks. As my truck has manual locks, I remove it and replaced with the white tab which came with my original locks.

    This is the connector removed:


    Once the original white tab is fit in, attach it to the metallic rod and simply slide the cylinder in the door hole.

    After it’s in place, test it several times. Make sure it locks and unlocks correctly.

    Once it’s tested, simply slide in the black tab which was removed in first place. Make sure it holds properly the lock cylinder.

    In the picture below, I show the interior of the door and how the mechanism must look like once everything is in place, including the original white tab, the rod mechanism as well as the black tab which holds the cylinder in place:


    Now you’re done!!! Enjoy your new locks and ignition cylinder.
    (Obviously, repeat this procedure for the other door)

    Here are some pictures of the final results:



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