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    In this writeup, you will learn how to change your brakes and rotors. This how to example is on a 2001 Ford Ranger. This shows one side being replaced, it is the same procedure on both sides**When replacing brake pads and rotors, BOTH side MUST be done**

    Tools required:
    Socket set
    Impact gun & ratchet (not required but its faster)
    "C" Clamp
    Wire hangar
    New rotors and pads of course

    Step 1
    Chock the rear wheels, find a lift point on the truck and jack it up

    Step 2
    Remove the tire

    Step 3
    Using a 5/8 socket, remove the 2 caliper bolts which hold the caliper to the caliper bracket. then hang the caliper with the wire hangar and be sure not to have tension on the brake line. Then remove the brake pads.


    Step 4
    Using a 15mm socket remove the 2 caliper bracket bolts and remove the caliper bracket along with the rotor



    Step 5
    Put the new rotor on and caliper bracket in the reverse order it was taken off, also putting the the new brake pads in the caliper brackets.

    Step 6
    Pushing the caliper pistons back in to fit your new brake pads:
    Using the old brake pad, place it on top of the caliper pistons, clamping it with your "C" clamp. Tighten the "C" clamp until the caliper pistons have been pushed flush with the seals. NOTE: Use caution when pushing back the pistons, not to tear the rubber seals.

    Step 7
    Place the caliper over the brake pads, and bolt the caliper to the caliper bracket

    Step 8
    Re-attach the wheel, lower the truck and remove the jack.


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