How To: Replace Air filter 3rd Gen - Discussion thread

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    I nor take any responsibility to any damage done to your truck you or anybody around you while you do this

    Okay here we go again!

    Here is how to replace an air filter on a third gen ranger

    Tools needed:

    Flat head Screwdriver

    First: Open Hood

    Second: There are three screws you need to loosen

    this one on the intake hose on the throttle body


    This one is one the air box in between box and fender


    this one is almost directly across from it between motor and air box behind MAF


    Third: Pull hose off valve cover


    Fourth: Pull the two vacuum lines off the air box


    Fifth: Now pull up and away from the truck as there are two little black tabs on the air box that go in corresponding holes on the air box base.

    Sixth: Remove air filter

    Seventh: Install new Filter as so


    Now button up by following all the steps backwards and you are good to go!

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