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    This How To was performed on a 2002 supercab door. It is the same method as all other supercab doors.

    In this writeup you will learn how to remove the seatbelts and retractors from a rear supercab door. **NOTE: Even though they are on the rear doors, these seatbelts are for front occupants of the truck.**

    Tools required:
    Ratchet or air tools
    Small pry bar
    Flathead screwdriver
    15mm socket
    Torx T47 bit

    Step 1.

    Remove the interior panel by lifting the panel up, and out gently.

    Step 2.

    Using your 15mm socket, unbolt the top harness to the seatbelt.

    Step 3.

    Using your Torx T47 bit, remove the lower reatraint bolt.

    Step 4.

    Once the seatbelts have been unbolted, flip the interior panel over. Using a flathead screw driver, pop out the guide insert within the panel.

    Once the insert is out, you can feed the top half of the seat belt through the hole.

    Step 5.

    Using your T47 bit, unbolt the lower seatbelt retractor.

    Step 6.

    When you remove the plastic interior panel, it is best to replace the mounting pins, so you will need to remove the old/broken pins. Using a small pry bar, place something under the bar (Keeps from scratching the paint) and pry out the old plastic retaining pins.

    Congratulations! You have removed your seatbelts and you are now ready to re-install them!
    To install your new seatbelts, follow the instructions in reverse order.
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