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    In this writeup, you will learn how to remove your radio bezel. Removal for painting, swapping out or whatever your pleasure may be.

    Tools required:
    9/32 socket and ratchet

    Step 1
    Using your 9/32 socket and ratchet, remove the 2 screws located under the radio on the bezel

    Step 2
    Gently pull the corner out, slide your fingers underneath opposite corners and pull until the the bezel fasteners come out of the dash.


    Step 3
    Unplug switches and accessory outlets (if there are any) on both sides of the bezel. Switches will have a release tab to push down then unplug, accessory outlets and cigarette lighters have wiring that pulls straight off (no release tabs). OEM radios will have 1 antennae wire which pulls straight out and have plugs in the rear of the radio with release tabs that have to be pushed down and the same time you are pulling the plug


    You will then be able to pull the whole bezel out leaving the stock radio in it. From that point the stock radio can just be popped out by depressing the side locking clips
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