How To: rear spring hanger and shackle!

Discussion in 'How-To Submissions' started by cookiemonster, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster New Member

    So i've known for awhile now that my drivers side rear hanger and shackle were shot!. So I noticed my parts truck had all new ones. So i pulled the one i needed from the parts truck and waited til i needed it! Well yesterday some scumbag was playing games....long story short he cut me off i slammed on my breaks and heard something snap! Look under the truck this morning and it was broke. If it wasn't for the crazy lean on the drivers rear woulda never noticed it.

    TIME: About 2 hours
    TOOLS: BFH, assortment of sockets, wratches, wrenches, Air hammer,
    impact, acetylne torch.

    So lets start the tare down!
    Got the truck jacked up, at the frame! (not the rear)

    You can see where it's broken, and sitting about 4 inchs forward of where it should be


    Next you have to take the 21mm nut off the bolt going through the spring hoop, And If the bolt comes out aswell its gonna be a good day!

    Then you have to get the rivets out, off of the frame from the old bracket...not fun! Hit em with the air hammer to knock the heads off, then punched them through also with air hammer.

    Here is a pic of the old bracket off and some blue paint!

    Then you should end up with a pile of scrap!

    new next to old

    After you have the old one off and frame is cleaned hit it with some spray paint your color of choice!

    Next is to install the new bracket! USE GRADE 8 BOLTS!!!!!
    Got mine all bolted in, with new bushing in leaf hoop...(PITA)

    new hanger and shackle in place, was in the middle of pressing the bushing in as you can see

    Bushing is in. then its time to mate the 2 bolted leave to hanger

    FInal step retighten everything! to be sure you tightened everything!

    any questions feel free to ask! I know im missing alot of info but my brain cant function with out my medicine....and im out of it lol
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  3. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Nice writeup!

    But I have to add all OE hangers have rivets you have to cut/grind off the frame before you can remove the bracket. Which is even MORE of a PITA :furious: <--- Ask me how I know
  4. OP

    cookiemonster New Member

    I just popped the rivet heads with the alot easier! then punch them out with the air hammer as well

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