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    In this How To, you will learn how to modify the 06+ Ranger mirrors to fit your 05- model ranger.

    Tools required:
    Chop bit
    Sanding bit
    Small ratchet with 5/32 socket

    Step 1.

    Remove the foam padding from your new mirrors

    Step 2.

    Using your ratchet and 5/32 socket, remove the mounting screws from the mirror base.


    Step 3.

    Once the screws have been removed, you will be left with their mount points. These mount points are what prohibits these mirrors from fitting onto 05- Ranger models. Now using your dremel, with the chop bit, chop the mounts points just about flush to the base. You will also have to chop the center square mount bracket down as well.


    Step 4.

    Once you have chopped those mount points, using your dremel and sanding bit, sand down the remains of the mount points flush to the mirror base.

    Step 5.

    Once the bases have been sanded flush, clean out the debris. Using the small Ratchet and 5/32 bit, re-attach the mounting bolts in the same mounting points as they were in before. **Use caution re-inserting the screws, apply some torque but make sure they are tightened without breaking the mounting points**



    Step 6.

    Put the foam padding back on the mirror base.

    Congratulations! You now have 06+ mirrors to mount on your Ranger!!

    *Note: This is the same procedure for both power and manual mirrors. They will mount in the same position as your mirrors. If you are wiring power mirrors, use process of elimination to wire them correctly for proper movement.

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