How To: Change the cylinder head in a 98-2000 3.0

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Captured Time, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    hope this may help any one that ends up with needing to chang out cylinder head ( If you do this you do it on your own accord i do not take responsibilaty for what you do )

    the bolts on the exhaust manifold where so bad rusted and broke that i needed to gut the pipe to pull the left head out this may or may not be needed

    time needed for job:

    1 day ( if you get parts befre tare down )


    socket set ( mostly mm is needed )
    tork wrinch
    flat head screw driver
    small pry bar

    parts needed:

    exhaust manifold bolts
    your new cylinder head's ( i went cheap and bught mine used )

    first thing first to kake easy on you remove the hood


    1) disconnect battery

    2) drain the cooling sysetem

    3) remove are cleaner outlet tube and air cleaner assembly

    4) remove intake mainifold

    5) remove the drive belt

    6) to re move the left side remove the AC compressor mounting bolts with out disconnecting the hose line's

    7) re move the power steering bolts with out disconnecting the hose line

    8) remove the ignition coil pack

    9) remove the ALT and the mounting bracket

    10) remove the ground strap and throtle bracket

    11) remove the exhaust manifold ( junk the bolts you will need to use new bolts )

    12) remove the valve covers

    13) take out the rocker arms and push rods ( keep the rods in order from front to back they mist go back in as they came out )

    14) take out the heads ( after you take out the bolts junt them you must use new )

    the install

    1) thoroughly clean the gasket mating surfaces ( this is wher the scraper come in handy )

    2) ightly oil all bolts and studs

    3) reposition the head gaskets and then the heads them self ( do not use any silicone on the head gasgets at all just place them in)

    4) install the heads and the head bolts and tighten down ( in order at top )

    5) after you have compleated this you are ready you reinstall every thing that you took out.

    6) add new oil filter and oil and coolint

    7) reinstall AC,PS pumps and ALT

    8) replace drive belt

    after tis you shuld be ready to fire it up and check for leaks and proper operation.

    pics are not in order that much sorry.










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