How To: 01-03 Header panel removal

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    In this, you will learn how to remove your header panel. In order to get to the header panel, follow these two guides, prior to attempting this.
    This was performed on a 2001 XLT

    Tools required:
    Ratchet and 8mm socket

    Step 1.
    Once you have followed the above listed "How to's" your header panel is ready for removal.
    Locate the two 8mm bolts where it attaches to the fender and remove them.

    **Note: attached to the base of the header panel on each corner has black plastic called bumper filler. These filllers are snapped into the fender as well with plastic push pins. You will need to pop them out.**

    Repeat on the other side

    Step 3.
    There are 2 brackets in the center which mount the header panel to the core support. Remove the two 8mm screws holding the header panel to the brackets.

    Step 4.
    Remove the plastic cowling, located in the center of the header panel. The plastic cowling is held in by plastic push pins, so it will just pop out. Next locate the center screw and remove it

    Once all your screws are removed and plastic push pins are out remove your header panel and ensure you do not catch any of the wiring.

    Congratulations! You have successfully removed your header panel!
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