How much should a good paint job cost?

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by buggman, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    After many, many years of looking at my fading, peeling, cracking & otherwise awful paint I'm seriously considering a paint job. What should I be looking to spend on a quality job?

    I'm not opposed to doing a lot of the prep work myself... in fact I'll probably have everything I can get off the truck removed (tool box, bed rails, lights, etc.) and if I can ever get the truck back in my garage I'd even try sanding it down using some of my woodworking random orbit sanders & some 220 - 240 grit paper if it would work.

    There are a couple small dings that need to be filled in or pounded back into place, but nothing major. The old painting that was last done was right before I got it in 97-98-ish due to some damage & that's probably some of the worst looking paint on the truck, but I'd rather not take any chances & just sand everything down, prime, paint & clear coat everything.

    I know I don't want a "$99 maaco" paint job, but I don't want a "$25,000 Chip Foose" paint job either :p

    Any ideas? I'm going to have some work done at the Ford Stealership pretty soon & I thought about asking them for a quote although I know they'll probably want more than the truck is worth :thumbdown:
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  3. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    bro im getting ready to do mine at home for under $ 60 i have found some good site's and vids.. its just if you have time tho
  4. Expect to pay $2500-$3000 at least for a good one. And it all depends on what color. Reds are usually more expensive, as well as anything with any kind of red in it ( e.g. purple, magenta, etc...)
  5. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    dont go to MACO tho they will rip you off faster than a new york mob
  6. Or faster than a white hooker lololololol
  7. OP

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    If I had a large enough compressor & better paint guns (and some painting skills) I'd definitely tackle it myself.

    I hope I can get it done for a lot less than $3k, that's more than the truck is worth :eek:

    My initial idea of sanding it all down & spraying bedliner is starting to sound better :)
  8. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    see thats what i was thinking but nope you can do it with a roller and some spray cans man... i will find them vids and info and postem up for you if you want

    how soon are you looking at doing this??
  9. OP

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    That's cool... probably won't be until the spring/summer at earliest. It will take me 6 months to clean my garage out enough to get the truck back in there if I'm lucky.

    I sprayed my lower rocker panels earlier this year & they came out really nice... got me thinking about doing the entire truck. Don't know if it will eventually fade from black to charcoal or lighter gray, but I guess I could always spray on a new layer every couple years. The textured finish looks different & it should be a lot more durable in the parking lots when some A-hole opens their door into me.
  10. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    The guy I use does awesome work. He told me for a strip down and repaint of the whole thing I was looking at 3500.00. I even offere to do some of the labor like pulling the bed off, bumpers etc and he said the price would come down for sure if I did that for him. My price included fixing the fiberglass broken in the rear as well so I am sure yours will be a bit cheaper
  11. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    ok man i will find the tips and every thing and post them up for you and i will make sure you see the out come of mine and if you like it and have the time than there you go lol.. just one thing do you have a DD cuz by the time line im looking at it will take me bout a week but igot some off the wall stuff im going to do ( pin stripes, painted decals and other things) plus i got to fix the back end..
  12. mossyoak03

    mossyoak03 ONE BAMF

    i paid 800 for my hood, header panel and driver side fender. they were suppose to fade in my door and other fender but they did a horrible job and it was a reputable place that does nothing but custom painting.
  13. OP

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    Dang, for $3k+ I'd be better off putting that money into another Ranger :jester: I've been wanting a 2nd vehicle for a while...

    It sucks only having one vehicle... every time I do anything to it, I have to have it done in a day or less. To top it off, I never know when somebody will get sick & need to rush them to the hospital :(

    My body work will be minimal, just a few little dents about the size of a half dollar, not too deep. I can probably just bondo them & sand them flush... a few old bolt holes in the top of the bed sides where previous owner had a bedliner bolted in that need to be enlarged to remove a little rust & filled in... they don't show under my diamond plate bed rails, but I want to keep the rusting to a minimum.
  14. Franchi Motorsports

    Franchi Motorsports Ranger Forum Vendor

    For a factory clean paint job, you can expect to pay $2500 on up, and if changing color completely and doing door jams, engine, ect ect, it closer to 4k on up.
  15. drppdyllwrngr

    drppdyllwrngr Member

    factory quality job is $3-5k depending on color, jambs, etc. a custom job could easily run $10k

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