High Mileage Problems?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by 2001RangerSuperCab, May 21, 2009.

  1. 2001RangerSuperCab

    2001RangerSuperCab Old Man Ranger

    I have a 2001 Ranger XLT Supercab, 4.0, automatic, 4x4, and I have started hearing and feeling something in the rear-end when turning left while slightly accelerating. There is also a distinct clunk when leaving from a stop. I have had the vehicle back to the dealer numerous times before the warranty expired, but they "could never find the problem."

    Now this new noise (sounds like a metalic ticking or grinding) surfaces. I have replaced the driver's side axle seal, and checked to see if it was leaking again, but it is not, and the brakes appear to be fine.

    I am going to replace the intake gaskets this weekend because it has really started to ping. I also keep smelling antifreeze and the overflow tank is constantly empty, So I thought I'd give you guys a shot at helping me figure out the lastest issue.

    Btw, I love my truck, and am considering replacing the engine in the near future if the intake gasket replacement doesn't help the noise in the engine... 149k on it as of this post. I am no novice, believe me... but I am a bit physically handicapped, and it is very difficult for me to thrash around under my vehicles anymore.

    Any advice or past experience sharing would be greatly appreciated.


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  3. U LOST

    U LOST New Member

    With your truck being a 4X4 and a 4.0L it has a 8.8 rear end similar to the Mustang. It may have a traction-lok locker in the rear end. You can easily check to see if it has a locker by jacking up the rear end and looking on the tag thats attached to the rear end cover. It will have some #s and letters. Only pay attention to see if it has the letters LS. LS stands for limited slip. If there is no tag on the cover then rotate one of the rear tires and watch the other side to see if it rotates the same way.
    The trac-lok can cause the symptoms you are describing.
  4. OP

    2001RangerSuperCab Old Man Ranger

    Thanks for the reply... it does have the traction-lok rear end. It just so happens I also have a fairly nasty 2006 Mustang GT with 406 HP to the rear wheels with 4.56's, but never had any problems. I think maybe I should look into a boneyard for another rear-end... dangit.

    Thanks again,


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