Head gasket or worse?

Discussion in '2.3 Engine' started by Ncgreg25, Jul 19, 2019.

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    Hey guys new here! Looking for a little help... Truck won't start after overheating. I didn't compression test while cold... Hence it won't start.
    First what are we working with... 97 Ford ranger 2.3 engine dual spark plugs. Checking compression on exhaust side. Cyl 1-65psi...cyl 2-65psi... Cyl 3-65psi cyl 4-150psi... Testwd all 3 times... First 2 times turning over 4-5 seconds. 3rd time 10 seconds.
    So the question is will a blown head gasket cause that low psi?? Or should I be looking at valves?

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