fuel filter clips?!

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by sgull, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. sgull

    sgull Member

    I'm wanting to replace the fuel filter on my '98 2.5L. The Chilton manual and other info I've come across describes either removing "R-clips" to disconnect the filter, or disconnecting the "quick connect" fittings/clips, and even some apparent special tool apparently available at auto parts stores to remove the "clips" or "connectors" or whatever. Anyway, none of the descriptions or pictures or diagrams I've seen of the fuel filter along with its connectors which are supposed to be for my model/year of Ranger look like what I've actually got under there, which looks like this: http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb153/sgull1/IMG_1826.jpg

    In the box with the new fuel filter is two clips (still connected together in this photo): http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb153/sgull1/IMG_1827.jpg
    But my fuel filter doesn't use anything looking like those.

    So I'm hoping someone might be able to describe how to un-connect my fuel filter clips/connections as shown in my picture above. They are metal clip things. Probably (hopefully) simple to unclick and re-click but I'm unfamiliar with how and I don't want to be fighting it or forcing it and screwing it up or breaking it. Any help here appreciated. thanks
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  3. Freemans 00

    Freemans 00 Active Member

    they look like you just need to put a screw driver and pry it off
  4. OP

    sgull Member

    Okay I pried around and was able to get em unclipped. Had little catch on the back of each clip that needed to be pulled apart to loosen. http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb153/sgull1/IMG_1828.jpg But now that they're unclipped I'm unsure how to go about removing the filter from the line. I suppose you just hold the filter with one hand and pull one end or the other with your other hand, but there really isn't doesn't seem to be much slack on the line to be able to pull one end first when the other is still attached. What's the right way here, what's the trick? thanks again
  5. OP

    sgull Member

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