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Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Proteus, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Proteus

    Proteus New Member

    I've been tinkering with my ranger and I've found something interresting if I bypass my evap and put a throttle valve in line from purge system to the manifold I can regulate a vacuum on the tank the fuel cap breaks vacuum about every 20 seconds it makes a deep groan sound but doesn't seem to be damaging anything my ign gage jumped up to around 28-30 and I'm getting about 32 mpg highway I'm pretty stoked think I'm using the vapors of the top of the tank and the computer is cutting back on the injection rate. Any thoughts on what I'm doing hopefully I don't damage anything
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  3. brazospete7

    brazospete7 New Member

    Sounds encouraging keep us informed! I"ve always believed the carmakers are in collusion with the oil cos to depress fuel economy. My mothers 56 caddilac a 2 ton tilly averaged 29 miles to the gallon (Highway) when I used to borrow it for road trips back in the 60s. My buddy had a 78 rabbit diesel that got 58 mpg and he drove it like he stole it from his worst enemy. I had a honda civic that got over 40 on unleaded back when gas was 50 cents a gallon. Nowadays they crow about 35 mpg for a skateboard witha tin box on it!! This is progress??
  4. Mayguy

    Mayguy New Member

    I haven't done anything with mine, and I get around 25 for city driving, and when i was on the highway, I got 31mpg.
  5. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger

    ya i got a 17 gallon tank and on the first tank it got 393 miles if you do the math thats like 29 miles per gallon and almost hit 800 miles with the second tank working on tank #3 and have a good start but i do drive like a old dude
  6. MPGranger

    MPGranger New Member

  7. MPGranger

    MPGranger New Member

    Is that 800 for two tanks or just one?? My best tank for mileage was 472.4 miles before fillup. But that was when I was waiting for the dummy light to come on. Now I wait till 1/4 to fill up.

    Also there are a number of sites online that you can record your mileage and actually look back over time and see how you are doing. A drastic dip might mean, "get your vehicle serviced." Here are some of those sites: FuelEconomy.org, Fuelly.com, CleanMPG.com, and my site EcoModder.com
  8. ob269

    ob269 New Member

    ^^ holy old thread Batman lol!

    But yeah it would have to have been be 800 for two tanks..
  9. MPGranger

    MPGranger New Member

    yeah, I realized how old it was after I posted, just got excited that someone was actually tracking their FE.

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