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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fx4wannabe01, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Fx4wannabe01

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    Some mooseknuckle lovin' old dude has been bugging me for months so here I finally am...

    Alot of you may recognize my username, or my truck, or me. Or you may not recognize me at all! lol. My name is Shane. I've been in the Ranger e-world since '03ish, before I even got my own big truck. Big truck meaning something other than a 2wd XL 4cyl regcab. lol. Anywho, long time member of plenty of other Ranger boards. Truck of the Month on two or three, former very very active member on many and a past forum moderator at my former home. Been out of the Ranger forum game for quite a long time. 25 y/o and drive a tow truck for AAA to pay the bills. Soon to relocate out of Portland, Oregon.

    A little about the truck... Bought her back in high school 'cause I was sick of constantly fixing the piles of junk I already owned('71 chevy...MY BABY!!! going on the pre-nup!! and '85 Toyota). 2001 Ranger XLT 4x4. She had 30k on her. Basically dumped a ton of money into her, but not as much as you might think, and attemped to make my own '03 Fx4 Level II, hence the username. Found a '03 FX4LII before I found the '01, but the parents wouldn't co-sign for a 13k truck when I was 17. My wannabe has a '06 4.0, '05 5spd trans that's Hurst shifted, '02/'03/'97 hybrid manual tcase w/ 02-03 twin stick bezel/shifter/boots, 31spline 8.8 w/ 4.88 gears and an Auburn ECTED diff, Flowmaster Super 44 dual-out exhaust dumped at the spare carrier, complete '03 interior conversion('03 LII seats, '03 XLT gauges, '03 Sport Trac HVAC/ '05 shorty console, '03 XLT door panels), Cobra 29 digital cb w/ 5' FirestikII, Leer 100R canopy. I know I'm forgetting a ton of stuff but this is just the intro. lol.

    Don't really expect to learn much here, but do what I do best, help folks. And that's what I love to do. Call me cocky or a know-it-all, but I know my shiz about these trucks. lol.

    Peace, Enjoy, and keep the high school drama bull**** down!











    And some more recent shots.....'cause who doesn't like pics!?!?!??? I mean really? lol.





    And last, but certainly not least....the most recent pic.....

    DWB trying to make love to a 1938 4-8-4 Spokane, Portland, & Seattle steam locomotive underneath the now crumbling and falling apart 1925 Sellwood Bridge in SE Portland, Oregon. 04 Dec 2011

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  3. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    welcome man nice to see ya... did you repaint your truck?

    this is you unless im wrong aint it?

  4. OP

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    That would be mine, yes. Circa Winter '08 is when that pic you posted was taken.

    No repaint. Only repaint on the truck is the flares and valence and if you wanted to consider it, the LEER. But other than that, just lazily cared for stock LL - Deep Wedgewood Blue. lol.

    PS: LOL @ uploading my truck to your Bukit. haha. Been a long while since I've seen that! lol.
  5. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    i snaged it from FRF for some motavation back in the spring lol
  6. fomoco

    fomoco Moderator

    oh ****, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, its this guy
  7. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    Welcome to rfn.
  8. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    Welcome. That truck is beast!
  9. djfllmn

    djfllmn ^^^ I am Mr. Clean!

    welcome shane
  10. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Dude!!! Thanks for signing up. Welcome!!
  11. Pbav8tor

    Pbav8tor Old Fart

    Shane, what up dude? Good to ya see here. Welcome.
  12. DesrtRanger27

    DesrtRanger27 New Member

    Welcome and nice Ranger.
  13. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    He lives! Glad to see you around Shane. Surprised your truck doesnt have a SFA by now! ll
  14. scott5640

    scott5640 EdgeRunner

    bout time man lolz trucks lookin good
  15. RangerMan88

    RangerMan88 RangA RolliN

    Welcome! Love The Truck man! SiCK!
  16. Welcome, and what lift do you have on your truck? That thing is NASTY!
  17. OP

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I've got some plans with her and ongoing mods/upgrades that seem to just stay in their boxes! Thanks work! Oh....also thanks work: Only put 3.5k on her this year. Needless to say, she's always on the battery tender and that alignment I've been putting off has been put off for another year. lol.

    Damn right.

    Just workin', old man.

    HAHA.... in time my friend, in time. Right now and for the foreseeable future, it's just not the right time.

    A big one. lol. Everything you can toss at it off the shelf and then some. lol. Front is a 4" Superlift w/ Fox 2.0 coil-overs, 3" bodylift. Rear is a mash-up of parts...Explorer leafs w/ additional leaf, Belltech 6400 shackles, stock blocks, and as soon as Duff sends a fax, James Duff long link traction bars.

    Thanks for the NASTY comment. haha.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2011
  18. 2004xlmiller

    2004xlmiller Member

    lmao x2
  19. rango88

    rango88 Chuck Norris Drove a Ram

    welcome to rfn
  20. Btm757

    Btm757 New Member

    What up Shane. Where's the pictures of the mooseknuckle?

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