First start issue that throttle fixes 96 2.3l

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    Hi everybody, first time on a forum here so let me know if I mess anything up. I'm also not a professional mechanic, I'm wholly self taught

    I have a 5 speed 96 ford ranger rwd 2.3l.

    A little history if that helps. I bought it from a good friend who bought it from a good friend. I actually borrowed this car from the original owner a few years ago for months, and the thing ran like a champ, no problems. But it was a secondary vehicle for him so it's sat a lot since then. I love the car and would like to fix it but I'm at a loss.

    So the problem. On initial start, it cranks, seems to start firing, revs up to 3,000 rpm and dies immediately. Unless you give it gas for the first few minutes, keeping the rpms at around 1,000. After that it runs and drives fine. Keeps a good 800 rpm, sounds good. The owner before me said it stumbled while idle at a light if he didnt give it some throttle sometimes but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe the gas was bad from sitting. It seems like you have to give it the pedal for less time after it's been running to stabilize her vitals

    Things I've replaced with no luck:
    • IAC (idle air control)
    • MAF (mass air flow) (and reset battery)
    • Spark plugs
    • IAT (intake air temp)⁹
    • Etc (engine temperature control)
    • Air filter
    • Fuel filter

    Things I've tested:
    • All fuses
    • Fuel pressure test from fuel rail was perfect
    • Battery voltage at 14v while running
    • Spraying starter fluid to find some intake leak
    • Pcv valve
    • Tracing vacuum hoses to make sure someone didn't forget one (not sure I got them all)
    • Using throttle cleaner spray to clean throttle body
    • Turning key multiple times to "prime" fuel pump or line
    • Adjusting throttle adjustment screw
    • Fuel injector cleaner in gas tank

    I haven't done:
    • An actual vacuum test because I just bought a tool for it and don't know how to use it
    • Sent Fuel injectors in for cleaning (they're horrible to get to)
    • Removed throttle body and toothbrushed it with solvent
    • Sea foam through intake

    Keep in mind, it does run great when it's up and running and there are no codes.. Which has made me doubt fuel injectors, big vacuum leak, or a dirty throttle body (throttle body looks clean). It makes me think it's some start-up procedure piece I'm missing, which is why I've gone through so many sensors. But again I'm not a professional, just a guy that's always wanted a ford ranger

    Any help or advice you have is appreciated, I'm here to learn from people that probably know more than me

    Searching through forums and asking neighbors and I've heard from alternator, to cold start fuel injector (which I don't think this truck has), electric choke (which I don't think this truck has), and vacuum test which I still haven't done on any car before. But some of these came from barely related posts or from questionable neighbors
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