Firestone Destination M/T

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    Alright here we go. So these tires are getting excellent ratings all across the board except for the road noise category where they don't score as well as an A/T ,but they score quite a bit better than any other mud terrains I have looked at. So in questioning, does anybody have any experience with this tire? Also are mud terrains really that hard to keep good tread life? I don't care about the noise cause I think mud terrains look kick a$$, and I don't do that much highway driving anyways, around 100 miles at most a week on the interstate. I had a pair of Destination A/T's on my truck before the current A/T's and absolutely loved the good ride but not so good for trail and nasty farm mud haha. So that makes me think that since the other Firestones were good, these have to be too. Anyways any feedback would be appreciated.
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