Favorite fast food

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by RoadRanger, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    moes is set up like subway is you have them make your food to order and then you can sit down and have sh!t loads of chips and salsa.....
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  3. OP

    RoadRanger -Skylark65-

    i don't have either, lol. my buddie's traveled alot more than me, told me hardees is awsome, so that's high up on my list of places to try.

    ^ that sounds like one of the local places me & my buddie's like, called holy guacamolie's. they've got the most kickazz burrito i've ever had, it weighs roughly 3-5 lbs :yes: there is a moe's out by where i work too, someday i'll have to try it!
  4. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    Yes you have to try moe's. And when you do get some of the queso. Omg it's almost better than sęx.
  5. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    five guys, arby's, burger king, and subway.
  6. dont you east coasters have a captain D's seafood place they do drive thru too
    and it was good last time I was in MO. Along with WHITE CASTLE yum I miss whities, I drove from MO to Cincinati OH and back in the same day and found a white castle right by the place I was going to , got lucky that day
  7. Taylor

    Taylor Roman 1:16

    I like all fast foods.
  8. Now theres the proper response ! ^
  9. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    yeah we have captain d's and the one in my town sucks..... or atleast most of it does.... lol
  10. I tried the Arby's fish sandwich it was good I was very surprised cause I think Arby's has gone down hill
  11. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    i actually like the fish sandwich from there and i think it's a whole hell of a lot better than mcdonalds filet o fish.... lol
  12. ZRanger28

    ZRanger28 Got boost?

    i like chipotle and subway and a place up here called pita pit in bowling green

    i dont eat out a whole lot

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