Want to buy: Engine odd parts required!

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    Pals, as title says, im interested in buying some Ranger engine bay odd parts and ends!!!

    The parts must be SPECIFIC for a 1995-96-97 Ranger V6 3.0 engine.

    1- Cruise Control cable retaining clip:

    2- Heater valve vacuum tube. Its the gray one, goes from the firewall (under the blower motor assy) to the heater valve itself.

    3- Heater hoses, all of them, in and out. Id like to recieve them with all the required mounting clips etc.

    4- Alternator, A/C compressor and A/C pressure cutoff switch wiring harness. All these are in the same harness, just unplug the whole harness from its gray socket under the brake master cylinder and its retainer plastic clips and it all comes together. Very easy to remove.

    Heres a pic from the harness itself. Was about to make business but unfortunately it couldnt be:

    If you need more info on these parts or how to remove them just let me know.
    Im very interested, let me know if you can find them so we can make a deal!

    Thanks a lot!!!

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