Electric Ranger

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Offroadinbabe73, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Offroadinbabe73

    Offroadinbabe73 sweetness

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  3. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Who needs a Prius?? 0-50 in 12.5!!!! WTF
  4. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    Crazy, can you imagine trying to maintain that thing if you bought it? Fixing someone else's crazy invention.
  5. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    Blasphemy! This guy should be forever revoked of Ranger owning privileges.
  6. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

  7. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    ^^ Nice find. I thought they existed on a higher level than an woodshop endeavor but I wasn't sure.
  8. OP

    Offroadinbabe73 sweetness

    weird how this guy got his hands on one
    only a select few people (usually famous people)
    get these creations
  9. Rapala

    Rapala New Member

    Id buy it, stuff like that is just awesome... too bad its on the other side of the US lol. The range of that is really terrible though only 60 miles???? but those electric motors have a lot of performance ability... just terrible from the factory though. Id rather own a turbodiesel ranger... that is if anyone can find them that are in decent condition
  10. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    Guess I'm the oddball these days. I prefer my gas guzzling truck over the modern day hippie version
  11. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    I've heard you can mod an electric engine so it has crazy-power. That being said, an electric pick-up seems like a contradiction, unless it's just a BEAST with a TON of electric power.

    Going 60 miles and then needing 6 to 8 hours to recharge doesn't seem like a good combo.
  12. BillS

    BillS New Member


    The EV is an amazing good truck for short hauls - it has the same payload as a conventional 2WD long bed, reg cab and it does highway speeds - If Ford had keep it in production it would be a great truck for many small service techs - appliance, pest control, auto parts delivery and, like myself, home maintenance. Another great Ranger was the 1986 Turbo Diesel - I had one, it got 40MPG. It is fuel that is a killer for small businesses. Most people don't know it, but in the early part of the 20th century there was over 100 EV manufacturers. The 2007 Ranger that I bought new gets 26MPG in my short haul usage and I have gotten 33MPG on one long haul - that a tool loaded truck with a utility body (a Reading aluminum one). I do run my tires at 42psi - that manufacturer's sticker is stupid, unless one owns an oil company
  13. BillS

    BillS New Member

    Jon says 60 miles doesn't seem too viable - my day usually consists of a 5-10 mile trip (never more then 15 miles) to a work-site and the same returning, with maybe a 5 mile side trip to a lumber yard or hardware supplier. A EV rolling tool box does seem pretty viable to me. I guess it depends on what part of the country you are from and what you use a truck for. Looking through this site I see quite a few members that use Rangers as toys or automobiles. The Ranger, in my mind is suppose to be the economical Ford truck - if gas guzzling is ones goal why not a F-350
  14. Reheef

    Reheef New Member

    Not so far fetched

    OK,so maybe I'll get heckled,but..... I found a wrecked Escape Hybrid @ a local Ford dealer. The whole system is translpantable to a Ranger chassis. The battery pack would cut downe on cargo capacity. My wife has an Escape Hybrid & we both enjoy the vehicle tremendously. I suppose the difference between myself and many of my fellow Ranger owners is, my twuck is my "toy". All spit & polish so to speak. The engineering would be a challenge,but might be worth it when 4.50usd/gal. gas returns. Just my two cents! HAGD:eek:
  15. Mayguy

    Mayguy New Member

    We just watched the movie "Who Killed the Electric Cars" from Netflix, and I saw the Rangers on there, I never KNEW there was an electric Ranger till I saw it last night.

    Looked it up, and saw this thread talking about it. I would of love to have one for the short trips to and from work. (6 to 8 miles a day)

    We have a Toyota Prius Hybrid, and just the last tank fill, we had 54 MPG on it.
  16. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    there is no substitution for cubic inches...........period....

    I only wish that I lived 6-10 miles from my job but alas, I enjoy living in the country so I make a 64 mile round trip every day and my little 2.3 gets better than 400 miles on a tank of dead dinosaurs which suits me just fine.....for now.....but trust me, there are no electric plans for my dd.

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